Retail Dump Bins Push Bulk Inventory & Encourage Impulse Buys

Retail Dump Bins Make it Easy for Customers to Shop Bulk Items at a Glance

Retail dump bins make it easy for customers to shop bulk items at a glance.

A retail dump bin is exactly what it sounds like — a large container filled with product. That product can range from clothing to toys to beverages in plastic bottles. 

Retail dump bin displays are simple in construction and highly effective in showcasing large quantities. They also give customers easy access to bulk inventory, overstock merchandise, or sale items, which often leads to impulse buys. Placing high-inventory, low-cost items near the cash registers and strategically throughout a store improves the chances of purchase.

Dump bins give customers easy access to bulk inventory, overstock merchandise, or sale items, which often leads to impulse buys.

Wire dump bins, cardboard dump bins, and corrugated floor dump bins (made of corrugated fiberboard) are perfect for the job. In all cases, these bins can be manufactured in standard-sizes or custom-sizes and constructed in a way that can be quickly and easily assembled and disassembled or moved.  

Since dump bins are low-cost and highly effective, using them as retail displays in grocery stores, discount stores, club stores, and wholesale stores makes sense.

Use dump bins in high-traffic areas inside grocery stores, discount stores, club stores, and wholesale stores.

Retail Dump Bin Considerations

Retail Dump Bin Considerations

If you’re in the market for more dump bins or are just starting to add them to your marketing plan, here are some considerations to keep in mind as you research dump bin manufacturers.

  • Portability: Besides being ideal for displaying items in bulk, dump bins (aka bulk bins) should be easy to set up and take down. Portability is key, as moving a bin multiple times may prove to be strategic in garnering more sales. Consider a box design that meets this need. Buying dump bins with casters might also be a good option because they can be relocated without disassembling. An employee could fill it up in a stock room then move it to the in-store location without much trouble.

  • Creative Design: The best dump bins are customized to draw attention to the items inside. They're also made with durable material so that they can withstand the weight of the items as well as the stress put on it by rummaging customers. Often there's an option to add internal dividers so that you can put more than one type of product inside the bin.

  • Manufacturing & Printing: Choose a company that can design and build dump bins based on specific specs or custom designs. If you decide to go with a cardboard or corrugated fiberboard dump bin, be sure the manufacturer has printing capabilities. It would be a missed opportunity not to use the bin itself as a way to promote your brand and the product inside. In all cases, it's crucial to have a prototype bin created first before moving the project to the manufacturing phase if you are in the market for more than one bulk bin. 

As you start your search for dump bin displays, there are specific things to keep in mind as you research manufacturers.

Dump bins are low-cost and highly-effective marketing tools, but it's crucial to find the right manufacturer.

Retail Dump Bin Designers & Manufacturers

Having a go-to team, whether in-house or outsourced, that offers an all-encompassing retail display and dump bin display solution from concept to manufacturing, helps to keep production streamlined and profitable. 

  • Find a display manufacturer who puts you first. If a manufacturer shows an interest in getting to know you, your specific needs, and business objectives, you have a better chance of working together successfully. They should be open to hitting your marketing goals while honoring your company’s standards and processes and brand guidelines. Our approach begins with learning about your product, the intended environment, and the end-users' needs and wants. We then partner with you to deliver what will work best for your brand and budget while being creative and efficient.

  • Look for an all-in-one team. When you have a packaging team that handles everything from concept to structural design and graphic design to manufacturing, you've struck gold. An all-in-one team should be able to deliver high-quality customized solutions tailored that meet your objectives, handle the project from start to finish.

  • Don't compromise on quality. The subscription box packaging manufacturers that you hire should be committed to the highest standards in quality at every turn, hopefully, driven by Standard Operating Procedures and frequently audited by Quality Assurance. Remember, if you’re planning to buy multiple dump bins, be sure to see a prototype before the project is moved to the manufacturing phase so that you can validate the functionality and quality.

There’s a lot to consider when selecting store retail displays. While bulk bins are perfect for some items and are ideal for meeting specific objectives, they may not always be the best solution. Talk to the manufacturing companies you’re considering to see if they have other innovative or creative retail marketing solutions.